Thales Academy students adhere to a simple dress code: Khaki or navy pants, skirts, shorts, or jumpers paired with polo shirts of various colors.

We have found that students learn best when given the freedom to focus their attention on academics and those aspects of character that are truly important. Our simple dress code fosters an environment of professionalism that matches the standard set by our faculty and staff. Parents love the simplified morning routine and students appreciate the opportunity to dress for success. In short, it's a win-win for everyone.

Families are welcome to purchase uniforms at any retailer they choose, as long as uniforms are in compliance with our Pre-K-5 Dress Code and JH/HS Dress Code. We have also arranged uniform stores with Lands' End, Educational Outfitters, and Company Casuals, if preferred. Please note that all students must purchase PE uniforms from Company Casuals. Shop here:

Thales Academy Lands' End Store

Thales Academy Apex JH/HS PE Uniform Store

Thales Academy Cary JH/HS PE Uniform Store (Option 1)

Thales Academy Cary JH/HS PE Uniform Store (Option 2)

Thales Academy Rolesville JH/HS PE Uniform Store