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Admissions FAQs

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What is the difference between a Tour and a Prospective Parent Night?

Tours provide you the opportunity to visit during the school day to see our program in action and to ask questions directly to the campus administrator while touring the facilities.

Prospective Parent Nights are held after hours and provide an opportunity for you to see the curriculum, talk to teachers and administrators, and tour the facilities.

Click here for our Tour and Prospective Parent Night schedule. No registration is required - you may attend the event that best fits your schedule!

Please note that due to COVID-19 safety precautions, we are unable to host on-campus tours and Prospective Parent Nights at this time. However,  In the meantime, you may watch a previously recorded Facebook Live information session (links below) that includes much of the same information provided on a tour. We hope to offer campus tours and events again soon!

Pre-K-5 Information Session: View on Facebook or YouTube

6-12 Information Session: View on Facebook or YouTube

May I bring my child to a Tour or a Prospective Parent Night?

Yes, we would love to have your child as involved in this process as you want them to be! However, your child’s attendance is not required and does not affect admission decisions.

Is there an age cut off for students applying to Pre-K or Kindergarten?

Yes, in order to enroll in our Pre-K program, applicants must be 4 years of age by October 31 of the entering school year. In order to enroll in our Kindergarten program at our Franklin, TN campus, applicants must be 5 years of age by September 30 of the entering school year. In order to enroll in our Kindergarten program at all other campuses, applicants must be 5 years of age by October 31 of the entering school year.

When do applications open for the upcoming school year?

Applications for the upcoming school year open on September 1st. We recommend setting a calendar reminder, so you can submit your application request early!

When is the application deadline?

We follow a rolling admissions policy, so we do not have an application deadline. However, please keep in mind that as soon as the application system opens, application requests begin flooding in. Therefore, it is recommended that you submit an application request form as soon as possible. We send out applications on a first-come, first-serve basis based on the date that an application request form is submitted. Once all seats have been filled for a class, we begin a waitlist.

To begin the admissions process, request application here.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, each application submitted is charged a $25 non-refundable processing fee. Each sibling application will be charged an individual $25 fee (e.g., if you are applying for two children, the total application fee is $50). These fees are only collected after you are offered an application. Application request forms are free to submit.

What is the admissions process?

To enroll your child at Thales Academy, please follow the steps below:

  1. Submit an application request form for the campus you prefer.

    Forms open on September 1st. Submit a form early! Application invitations are sent in form submission order - earlier form submissions receive the first application invitations. No fees are collected at this point.

  2. Check for an email from Thales Academy with an invitation to apply online as well as an admissions checklist.

    Invitations to apply will be sent beginning in October. No invitations will be sent prior to October.

  3. Submit an application and pay a $25 non-refundable application fee for each child.
  4. Complete an admissions checklist for each child.

    Complete your application and admissions checklist ASAP! Thales Academy will not schedule your child’s interview until your checklist items are complete. Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis beginning with the first student interview.

  5. Check for an email from Thales Academy regarding scheduling a student interview.
  6. After the interview occurs, our admissions team will reach out to you as soon as a decision has been made.
  7. If accepted, respond within 6 days with your completed enrollment contract and a non-refundable, tuition-deductible deposit to reserve your child’s seat.
  8. If interested in applying for scholarship aid, contact your Thales Academy campus and request information about how to apply for funding.

    Students may only apply for the Luddy Schools Scholarship Fund after they have been accepted to Thales Academy.

When are admission decisions released?

Admission decisions are released every Friday at 4:00 p.m. from mid-February to mid-July. To receive an admission decision, all admission requirements must be completed on your checklist, including a student interview.

If you apply after the entering school year has begun, you will be notified of a decision shortly after you complete the required items on the admissions checklist.

How long do I have to respond to Thales Academy's admission decision?

Once you receive an admission decision by Thales Academy, you may respond within 6 days (unless otherwise specified in your decision note). If your child is admitted, and you'd like to join Thales Academy, you must "accept" the admission and submit a contract with a non-refundable, tuition-deductible deposit (see next question for more information) to officially reserve your child's seat.

If you do not submit a contract with the deposit, please know that we will move forward with accepting other applicants. If you are ready at another time that is past your decision due date, please email and we will happily offer your child a spot as long as we have space available.

What happens after my child is accepted?

After your child is accepted, you will be required to submit a $200 (Pre-K) or $300 (K-12) non-refundable, tuition-deductible (deducted from overall tuition bill) intent deposit to reserve your child’s seat.

Do you accept scholarships or offer any discounts?

Yes, we accept the NC Opportunity Scholarship, and you may apply for financial aid from the Luddy Schools Scholarship Fund. The Luddy Schools Scholarship Fund is available for students who have applied and have been accepted to Thales Academy and are in hardship situations. Information about how to apply for a Luddy Schools Scholarship will be provided after acceptance is granted, and upon request. All Luddy Schools Scholarship awards are based on objective financial need, determined by using a form similar to FAFSA.

Additionally, we offer early pay and sibling discounts (at select campuses), as well as monthly payment plans.

Learn more about our scholarships, discounts, and payment plans here.

Can I apply for a mid-year transfer?

Yes, we accept mid-year applications. Since we start school in mid-July, we recommend applying before January. If you are relocating to the area, we understand that applying before January is not always feasible. Regardless, we encourage you to begin the application process as soon as possible. Mid-year transitions require some perseverance on the child’s part, but they are completely doable and we've had many successful transfer students!

Are current families required to reapply each year? How do you handle transfers to another Thales Academy campus?

No, current Thales Academy students do not need to reapply each year - even if you are looking to transfer campuses! If you would like to transfer to another Thales campus, simply contact your current campus with your transfer request, and we will add you to a transfer request list and notify you when there is an opening at the requested campus.

How do siblings of a current student apply?

If you are a current Thales family looking to apply for a sibling of a current student, please contact The admissions team will send you an application form for your child.

For other general FAQs about Thales Academy, please visit our FAQ page.

If you have any questions regarding the admissions process, please contact our admissions team at or 919-208-9782.

Thank you for considering Thales Academy for your child! We look forward to meeting you.

[My son] is truly loving the experience there. He really enjoys all of the students and staff and just can’t stop talking about it when he gets home. We are so excited to be a part of the Thales family!
- Thales Parent