Thales Academy - Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

In cases of inclement weather, Thales Academy is divided into six separate geographic regions:

  • Thales Academy Apex K-5, Thales Academy Apex JH/HS, Thales Academy Holly Springs Pre-K-6, Thales Academy Pittsboro K-5
  • Thales Academy Raleigh Pre-K-8 and Thales Academy Knightdale Pre-K-8
  • Thales Academy Wake Forest Pre-K-5 and Thales Academy Rolesville JH/HS
  • Thales Academy Waxhaw K-7
  • Thales Academy Franklin K-5
  • Thales Academy Glen Allen K-3

Each geographic unit independently makes decisions regarding inclement weather closings based on local conditions. Please note that as school policy, there are only two courses of action during inclement weather: 1-hour school delay OR entire school day cancellation.

Each Thales Academy campus remains open if the following three local conditions are met:

  • Facilities are cleared of snow and ice
  • Primary roads are open (e.g., I-540, I-440, US-401, Capital Blvd., etc.)
  • Secondary state-maintained roads are open

Occasionally, there are conditions on local residential roads that prevent families from coming to school. Families should use their best judgment in the transportation of student(s) to any Thales Academy campus, taking full responsibility for the decision to attend school. Thales Academy administrators use their best judgment when determining whether driving conditions are safe, but there may be cases in which driving is not advisable. Any absence or tardy associated with inclement weather conditions will be excused, but students must make up any work missed in their absence.

Information concerning school closings and delays will be announced through the following methods of communication:

  • E-mail will be distributed to Thales Academy families with Canvas Announcement
  • RemindMe text will be sent to Thales Academy families
  • Local Television Broadcast
  • Social Media: Facebook for individual campus locations
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