Our Facilities


At Thales Academy, we focus on the importance of order and beauty, providing students with an aesthetically appealing environment in which to learn and grow. Thales Academy campuses include the following:

  • Large windows in classrooms and skylights in hallways providing natural light
  • Polished concrete floors and large columned entryways, reminiscent of our Classical roots
  • Colorful murals of character trait inscriptions and inspirational figures throughout hallways (Pre-K-5)
  • Transparent lockers without locks to foster a culture of mutual respect and honesty
  • A variety of desks and tables to suit the subjects being learned
  • Classical music played throughout the hallways to foster creativity, information retention, and focus
  • PE gyms with padded walls and rubber flooring (Pre-K-5)
  • Clean, fenced playground areas with artificial turf (Pre-K-5)
  • Appealing landscaping surrounding each building
  • Securely locked doors and controlled access for visitors, ensuring the highest level of safety at all times
  • Tasteful, elegant, and modern furnishings throughout
  • Energy efficient HVAC systems ensure excellent indoor air quality and comfort