Admission FAQs

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How can I get more information about upcoming tours and other events?

Open Houses and Prospective Parent Sessions are offered throughout the year to families interested in learning more about Thales Academy. You can explore these opportunities and view a calendar of events via our Visit Thales page. Due to high interest, we are not able to schedule individual tours.

May I bring my child to a Tour or a Prospective Parent Night?

Yes, we would love to have your child as involved in this process as you want them to be! However, your child's attendance is not required and does not affect admission decisions.

Can you give me more details on what to expect through the admissions process?

Our admissions process is managed through onRecord, our cloud-based admissions, enrollment and records database. We have a multi-step application process. The first step collects basic demographic information and informs applicants if seats are available in their preferred campus and grade level. Step two goes into further detail about the student's academic history. There is a $25 non-refundable processing fee per application, collected at the end of the second step of the application.

Once an application has been submitted and processed, a checklist of additional required documentation will appear in your onRecord account. Required items vary by grade, and may include an uploaded copy of the student's birth certificate and, if applicable, proof of legal residency, teacher recommendations, and/or school records.

When all required items on the admissions checklist have been completed, applicants will enter our applicant queue and will be eligible for an admissions interview and assessment. If and when a space is available in the selected grade and campus, you will receive a date and time for an interview via email.

The final step is the admissions decision. When the decision is available, families will be contacted via email. Students who are accepted will receive an enrollment contract, and a $200 (Pre-K) or $300 (K–12) non-refundable, tuition deductible enrollment deposit is required to secure your child's seat.

Do I need to prepare or study for the admissions interview and assessment?

Generally, no preparation is necessary. For students entering first through fifth grades, the interview will consist of grade-level assessments of spelling, reading comprehension, reading fluency, and math concepts. For students entering kindergarten or Pre-K, the assessment is age-appropriate and focuses on basic skills like numbers, shapes, letters and word association. Elementary school assessments generally take no longer than 30 minutes.

Interviews with junior high or high school students provide an opportunity for us to get to know the student and talk with them about all of their interests, hobbies, and school experiences. An assessment for proper math level placement may also be administered during the interview.

Can I apply to multiple Thales Academy campuses?

No, applicants may only be assigned to a single campus and grade level. If you would like to transfer an application currently on file to a different campus, please contact our admissions office for further information.

Do you have attendance zones?

We do not have specific attendance zones. Students may apply to any Thales Academy campus regardless of their home address. However, please note that Thales Academy does not provide transportation, and parents are responsible for transporting their student to and from campus.

Is there an age cutoff for students applying to Pre-K or Kindergarten?

Yes; the date varies by campus.

For campuses in North Carolina and Virginia, in order to enroll in our Pre-K program, applicants must be 4 years of age by October 31 of the year in which the student enrolls. Applicants enrolling in Kindergarten must be 5 years of age by October 31 of the year in which the student enrolls.

For our campus in Franklin, Tennessee, the age requirements for Pre-K and Kindergarten are the same, but the date cutoff is September 30 of the year in which the student enrolls.

Parents seeking admission for applicants in all other grades are encouraged to apply for the grade in which they feel their child will be most successful. Thales Academy does not have a specific age cutoff for grades beyond kindergarten.

When do applications open for upcoming academic years?

Applications for each academic year open in early September of the year prior to enrollment. We recommend setting a calendar reminder, so you can submit your application early! If you would like to be placed on a mailing list to receive a reminder when applications are available for a future academic year, please visit our Apply Now page.

When is the application deadline?

We do not have a specific application deadline, but for priority consideration, completed applications and all supporting documentation must be submitted no later than November 1. Applications are considered on a first come, first serve basis according to submission date. Applications submitted on or after November 2 will be considered on an ongoing basis as space remains available in the desired campus and grade level. Once classes have reached capacity, we will begin a waitlist for a limited number of candidates. More information is available on our Apply Now page.

What is included in the confidential student evaluations?

We request student evaluations to assist the decision-making process by providing a window into the student's past academic performance. The evaluation is entirely self-contained within the admissions checklist, and parents only need to provide the teacher's name and email address. The confidential student evaluations are provided only to admissions staff in the course of making enrollment decisions, and do not become part of the student's permanent academic record.

I have submitted an application but have not received an invitation for an interview; am I on the waitlist?

Students who have submitted an application to Thales Academy are placed in our applicant queue, and are not directly added to the waitlist. Students in the applicant queue will have their applications considered in the order of submission, and will be offered an interview for an enrollment seat or a waitlist position only as space remains available in the chosen campus and grade level. Waitlisted students have completed the entire admissions process, including successful completion of an admissions interview and assessment, and would be accepted for enrollment pending space availability.

What is my waitlist number?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide applicants with a specific waitlist number. Our waitlist changes frequently, and providing a specific number is largely unhelpful without appropriate context.

When are admissions decisions released?

Admissions decisions are released on two specific dates and then at regular intervals thereafter. The first two rounds of admissions decisions are released on February 1 and March 1. Beginning on the third Friday of March, decisions for any remaining seats are released weekly on Fridays.

To receive an admissions decision, all admission requirements must be completed on your checklist, including a student interview.

I've completed the enrollment contract and paid the deposit; what other information is required?

Once you complete your contract and pay your enrollment deposit, your child is officially enrolled at Thales Academy! Information regarding teacher assignments, school supplies, etc. will be provided by campus staff prior to the beginning of the academic year. For midyear enrollments, campus administrators will provide appropriate information as soon as possible, including determining the start date for the student to begin classes.

I heard your school starts in the summer. When is the first day of school?

Thales Academy operates on a modified year-round calendar that includes a five-week summer break and three 3-week trackouts in September, December and March. The first day of school is typically the third Monday of July, and the academic year normally ends on the second Friday of June. Please visit the Academic Calendar page for dates specific to individual academic years.

I have been accepted but cannot be present on the first day of school. Can you hold my seat?

Unfortunately, due to the high demand for enrollment at Thales Academy, we are unable to hold seats for students accepted for enrollment who will not be in attendance on the first day of school or, if accepted after the academic year begins, who are not able to enroll immediately. We will be happy to place the student on our waitlist until they are prepared to begin attending classes; however, seats will continue to be filled in the interim, and it is possible that we may not have a seat available for enrollment at the time the student is ready to begin attending classes. Please contact our admissions office for further information.

Do you accept scholarships or offer any discounts?

Yes, we accept the NC Opportunity Scholarship at North Carolina campuses and you may apply for financial aid from the Luddy Schools Scholarship Fund.

The Luddy Schools Scholarship Fund is available to enrolled Thales Academy students in financial hardship situations. Information about how to apply for the Luddy Schools Scholarship will be provided upon request after the student has enrolled. All Luddy Schools Scholarship awards are based on objective financial need, determined by using a form similar to FAFSA.

Additionally, we offer sibling discounts (at select campuses), early pay discounts, and monthly or biannual payment plans.

Learn more about our scholarships, discounts, and payment plans here. Please note that scholarship recipients are not eligible for any other discounts.

Can I apply for admission after the start of the academic year?

Yes, if enrollment seats are available, current year applications remain open. While mid-year enrollments can be challenging, we encourage you to apply! We would love to make Thales a part of your child's educational journey.

If you would like to enroll your child past the end of November, please contact to discuss enrollment options. We have found that it is extremely challenging for students to get caught up when enrolling or transferring after the end of the calendar year. However, we do make exceptions for students who are already suited to the classical education model.

All acceptances are dependent on current space availability.

Are current families required to reapply each year?

Current Thales Academy students in good academic and financial standing do not need to reapply each year. Re-enrollment is automatic unless the campus is notified of a student's intended withdrawal. An updated enrollment contract may be required each year.

My student was accepted or waitlisted in a previous year but did not enroll. Can I transfer my application to another academic year?

Each grade level has different requirements for admission, including grade-specific assessments and evaluations, so applications are not transferable to future years. A new application is required for each admissions year.

My student was denied admission; can I reapply to a different campus or at a later date?

Thales Academy admissions decisions are applicable across all campuses for the academic year to which the student had applied. However, we welcome students to reapply in future years. Admissions decisions for every academic year are considered on their own merits, and a previous decision does not impact decisions made on applications submitted for later years.

How do siblings of a currently enrolled student apply?

The process for applying for sibling enrollment is identical to all other admissions applications. Siblings of enrolled students receive priority consideration through the admissions process for available seats. However, enrollment consideration for siblings is offered only when space is available in the requested grade and campus, and is not guaranteed.

For other general FAQs about Thales Academy, please visit our FAQ page.

If you have any questions regarding the admissions process, please contact our admissions team at or 919-208-9782.

Thank you for considering Thales Academy for your child! We look forward to meeting you.