Thales Academy - What is Classical Education?

What is Classical Education?

What is classical education?

Classical Education is a systematic, rigorous program that develops a student’s ability to think critically and deeply about a subject. It is rooted in the pursuit of objective truth and the process of connecting varying types of information to come to a higher understanding. Ultimately, Classical Education develops the skills needed for analytical problem solving and a lifetime of self-learning. Classical Education consists of three distinct chronological phases: the Grammar Phase, the Logic Phase, and the Rhetoric Phase.

  • Grammar Phase: The first stage of learning, in grades Pre-K-5, in which basic facts are mastered. This stage includes learning the basic structure of a subject, observation, and memory. Direct Instruction ensures that learning is maximized to the highest and most effective level.
  • Logic Phase: The second stage of learning, in grades 6-8, in which students begin to discover why certain facts exist as certainties. Students begin asking questions, hypothesizing, and debating to determine cause and effect relationships and the deeper meaning of realities. The Socratic Method of discussion is introduced here and continues through grades 9-12.
  • Rhetoric Phase: The final stage of learning, in grades 9-12, in which self-expression is developed. Basic facts from the Grammar Phase and logical reasoning from the Logic Phase are combined to critically analyze a topic and develop original conclusions. Learning in this phase primarily consists of developing new knowledge rather than of absorbing existing information. The Thales Academy Senior Thesis is the capstone project of this stage.

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6th GRADE 7th GRADE 8th GRADE 9th GRADE 10th GRADE 11th GRADE 12th GRADE
HISTORY Ancient & Classical History Western Civilization American History & Government The Near East & the Greek World Rome & the Medieval World Western Civilization American History & Government
LITERATURE Ancient & Classical Literature Western Literature American Literature Literature of the Near East & the Greek World Literature of Rome & the Medieval World Western Literature American Literature
Saxon 8/7
Saxon 8/7
Algebra I
Algebra I Geometry
Algebra I Geometry
Algebra II
Algebra II PreCalculus
Algebra II PreCalculus
**AP Calculus AB
**AP Calculus AB
**AP Calculus BC
SCIENCE Earth Science Life Science Physical Science Earth Science Biology Chemistry Physics
**AP Physics
TRIVIUM Grammar Grammar/Formal Logic Formal Logic/Informal Fallacies Research, Writing & Rhetoric Socratic Logic Philosophy & Ethics Senior Seminar (includes Senior Thesis)
LATIN Introduction to Latin Latin 1A Latin 1B **Latin II **Latin III **Latin IV **AP Latin
PE, HEALTH, DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP PE/Health/Digital Citizenship PE/Health/Digital Citizenship PE/Health/Digital Citizenship PE & Health N/A N/A N/A
**Spanish II
**Spanish II
**Spanish III
**Spanish III
**Spanish IV
**Spanish IV
**AP Spanish Lit
*LUDDY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ELECTIVE Exploratory STEM Exploratory STEM Exploratory STEM **Fundamentals of Engineering: Design **Fundamentals of Engineering: Graphical Communication **Fundamentals of Engineering: Engineering Specialties **Engineering Design Project or **Apprenticeship
*GENERAL ELECTIVE(S) Student Choice Student Choice Student Choice Student Choice Student Choice Student Choice Student Choice

*Students may choose up to two electives per school year, subject to adequate interest, duration, and availability. See next page for full elective offering

**Optional coursework. Offering subject to adequate interest. Please note that all high school students must take four years of language (Latin or Spanish).

Performing Arts Performing Arts
Beginning Band Intermediate Band
Intermediate Band Advanced Band
Chorus Studio Art
Integrated Art 6 Spanish I
Integrated Art 7 Spanish II
Integrated Art 8 Spanish III
Exploratory STEM Spanish IV
Curriculum Assistance Marketing
Fundamentals of Engineering: Design
Fundamentals of Engineering: Graphical Communication
Fundamentals of Engineering: Engineering Specialties
Engineering Design Project or Apprenticeship Economics in Action
Personal Finance
Science Olympiad
Junior Classical League
College Preparedness
College Admissions 101
AP Blended Learning
Individualized Blended Learning
Curriculum Assistance

Students may choose up to two electives per school year, subject to adequate interest, duration, availability, and location. All courses listed above may not be offered at one time.

Don’t come to a conclusion before listening to both sides.
- Thales of Miletus