Curriculum Overview


Thales Academy's academic curriculum is designed to encourage students to achieve excellence. Our course of study provides a firm and balanced foundation for future studies, career success, and fulfillment in life. By the completion of the Thales' Pre-K–12 formation, students will have completed a more rigorous preparation in reading, writing, mathematics, science, history, and language than any other regional education alternatives. The Thales curriculum has been carefully developed to ensure that students at or above normal aptitude will thrive in our academic environment. Features of a Thales education include:

Direct Instruction

In grades Pre-K–5, we use a research-based teaching method known as Direct Instruction (DI), which employs rapid pacing, grouping by skill level, and teaching to mastery so teachers can lead class more efficiently and students can learn more effectively. Invented in the 1960s by Siegfried Engelmann, Direct Instruction has consistently been shown to enhance academic performance and increase learning potential. Learn more about DI by viewing our short film.

Classical Curriculum

The Thales JH/HS curriculum combines an in-depth study of primary texts with Latin, logic, rhetoric, and philosophy to develop critical thinkers who are eager to investigate the world around them. The Socratic Method of discussion is used, engaging students in deep and probing dialogue by asking and answering questions until objective truth is reached (watch a video about the Socratic Method by expert Michael Strong here). When the Classical Curriculum is combined with our complementary offerings of advanced science and mathematics, Thales students are formed to be excellent thinkers and are well-equipped to excel in the modern workplace.

Character Education

Equally important in student formation is the development of character and ethical behavior. We encourage our students to develop virtues such as self-discipline, perseverance, respect, responsibility, and humility. These concepts are incorporated into our culture and are solidified daily through positive interactions with teachers and fellow students and weekly through lessons in the classroom.

Non-Cognitive and Technical Skills Development

Countless employers today are finding new graduates to be under-qualified and unprepared to meet the needs of the job market. While many skills can be taught on the job, basic characteristics such as self-reliance, problem solving, cooperation, alertness, and communication must be mastered prior to seeking employment. At Thales, we close the gap between employer and candidate, developing the skills students need for longterm success. A range of technical skills are taught as well, ensuring that students are well-prepared to enter an increasingly technological world.

Computer Technology Integration

Thales seeks the best possible outcomes in every situation. We outfit each of our classrooms with extensive Apple technology and we provide iPads for all students in order to stimulate an active and engaged learning experience. Pre-K–5 are provided community iPad carts and junior high and high school students are given personal iPads on loan (included in tuition). Every Thales campus includes at least one computer lab with numerous iMacs for monitored student use, and all classrooms contain an Apple TV system in addition to the traditional whiteboard. Teachers are supplied with iPads as well, ensuring that they may easily lead classroom discussions, demonstrate step-by-step problem solving, deploy interactive media, and facilitate question and answer sessions from any classroom location.

Electives and Extracurricular Activities

Recognizing that a well-rounded education must include the opportunity to explore the arts and a variety of other fields, Thales Academy offers a diverse selection of electives and extracurricular activities that compliment our high standards and expectations. Through courses such as Band, Public Speaking, Psychology, and Personal Fitness, and clubs such as Science Olympiad, Junior Classical League, and Robotics, students are able to explore new topics and strengthen their knowledge through practical application.

Luddy Institute of Technology

Equipping our students for today’s world, Thales offers a pre-engineering program for high school students interested in technical careers. Students who participate in the Luddy Institute of Technology (LIT, named after our founder, Bob Luddy) take electives in fundamental engineering, earn a Certified Solidworks Associate certification, and complete an advanced senior engineering project. LIT places students far ahead of their peers, preparing them for success in higher education and an increasingly competitive job market.