Thales Academy - iPads in the Classroom

iPads in the Classroom

iPad Usage Agreement

Thales Academy develops classical thinkers with 21st century skills. Since the beginning, we have recognized the advantage of providing students the opportunity to use the latest technology as a learning tool to help each develop their technical skills and achieve their fullest potential. With this technology comes a willingness to learn, experiment, and take on additional responsibilities as a student at Thales Academy. Students at Thales Academy grades 6–12 are assigned a school-owned iPad for daily use on and off campus.

iPads are used throughout the school day, providing an avenue for collaborative and innovative learning. Technology is engrained in the Thales Academy education model, with Apple TVs in every classroom and computer labs outfitted with Apple iMacs to complement the iPad and create a seamless transition between devices for enhanced learning. Students gain competent technical skills throughout their time at Thales Academy and graduate prepared to take on an ever-progressing technology filled world.

Technology use at all grade levels falls under the Student Code of Conduct as described in the Student Handbook.

I adore this school. The teachers are wonderful. They show grace appropriately and discipline when needed.
- Thales Parent