Luddy Institute of Technology

Luddy Institute of Technology

The Luddy Institute of Technology (LIT) is an optional elective sequence of pre-engineering and STEM coursework for the upper grades. The LIT curriculum covers a wide range of engineering-related content, beginning with the fundamentals and gradually moving toward more complex content and a capstone course. Students are welcome to enter LIT at any time during their high school career. LIT allows students the opportunity to explore STEM-related career fields and hone their technical skills.

Course of Study

Exploratory STEM – 8th Grade

This course gives students an opportunity to experience how concepts and skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) can be used to solve problems in real world situations. It also provides students an opportunity to explore various STEM careers and educational options in secondary and post-secondary academic paths.

Fundamentals of Engineering: Design – 9th –11th Grade

This course explores and applies the skills, concepts, and fundamental principles of engineering. Students learn the basics of various technological systems and engineering processes in engineering career fields. Instructors reinforce the value of an engineering notebook to document and capture ideas. The design process is introduced to solve problems and understand the influence of creative and innovative design on daily life. Students learn traditional drafting techniques as well as the industry-standard CAD software package, SolidWorks, to create images of their designs and produce a portfolio to showcase their creative solutions.

Fundamentals of Engineering: Graphical Communication – 9th–11th Grade

This course explores various technological systems and engineering processes and exposes students to major concepts typically covered in a post-secondary engineering course of study. Topics include mechanisms, energy, statics, materials, and kinematics. Students develop problem-solving skills and apply their knowledge of research and design to create solutions to various challenges, document their work, and communicate solutions. Students utilize CAD (SolidWorks) and physical and virtual modeling concepts to construct, test, collect, and report data.

Fundamentals of Engineering: Engineering Specialties – 9th–11th Grade

This course details various technological systems and engineering processes in related career fields by studying various questions: How are things made? What processes go into creating products? Is the process for making a water bottle the same as it is for a musical instrument? How do assembly lines work? How has automation changed the face of manufacturing? While students discover the answers to these questions, they learn about the history of manufacturing, robotics and automation, manufacturing processes, computer modeling, manufacturing equipment, and flexible manufacturing systems. Students utilize CAD (SolidWorks) and physical and virtual modeling concepts to construct, test, collect, and report data.

Capstone Engineering Design Project or Apprenticeship – 12th Grade

Note: Students must complete Fundamentals of Engineering: Design prior to enrolling in this course. This course is the culmination of all previous LIT coursework, providing students a choice of one of two tracks.

Track 1 prepares students for engineering undergraduate programs. Students in Track 1 develop and complete a year-long capstone project involving the design, fabrication, and testing of a device or machine encompassing all skills and knowledge previously learned in order to meaningfully impact the world around them.

Track 2 allows students to apply to complete an industrial apprenticeship through the North Carolina Triangle Apprenticeship Program (NCTAP). Following acceptance to NCTAP, students in Track 2 attend Thales Academy half day and participate in a paid industrial apprenticeship half day. The NCTAP program continues following high school graduation. See for more information.