Thales develops academic thinkers and leaders who are grounded by traditional values.

  • Academic Excellence – Built around a rigorous and highly rewarding classical curriculum that develops critical thinkers.
  • ValueOne annual low rate, with no additional fees or fundraising. Sibling discounts and multiple payment options available.
  • Safety – 24/7 securely locked doors, controlled access for visitors, and continually monitored security cameras throughout every campus.
  • Independence – Free of influence from government & special interest groups, allowing for the best possible outcomes.
  • EducatorsBest-in-Class instructors with specialized education in subject areas they teach.
  • Direct InstructionA research-based method proven to be the most effective means of laying a foundation in grades Pre-K–5.
  • Performance– Thales students consistently outperform their peers on nationally-normed annual exams.
  • Character EducationFully integrated into all classes and school culture; transparent lockers with no locks.
  • Dress Code – Attractive, comfortable, and affordable, our uniform eliminates distractions, allowing for more effective learning.
  • Predictable – One school, multiple locations, and one year-round calendar, from Pre-K to 12. No disruptive transfers required.
  • Language – Classical & foundational – students gain a solid grounding in Latin, Spanish, and others through blended learning.
  • Technology – Apple TV based; community iPads for Pre-K–5; personal iPads for 6–12; all included in tuition.
  • Luddy Institute of Technology (LIT)Pre-engineering HS program taught by former industry professionals; hands-on learning, CAD Solidworks certification, real world experience.
  • Elective Courses and Extracurricular Activities – Designed to enhance student learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

An exceptional, well-rounded education at an affordable price.